Monday, February 18, 2013

Album Release Info

Howdy folks!

Here's the deal. We will not release just one album but two albums this year. The reason is we have a large amount of recorded material and the songs have crystallized into two different camps - one "commercial pop format" and one "lengthier and more progressive set".

The pop album - "Poplar Music" - has now been mastered and Ditto Prihad (who did the artwork for "21st Century Junk") is currently finishing up the new artwork. Release ASAP.

Since we are unsigned, the releases will be a bit more ad hoc. First, there will be digital releases on Bandcamp and CDBaby and a bit later the songs will show up on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and similar places.

Since there is a certain demand for a CD, we will be looking into the possibilities of a disc-on-demand solution.

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